Writing Task 2: Living in a Media-rich Society




Question: It is becoming more and more difficult to escape the influence of media on our lives.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in a media rich society.

Sample answer: 

Nowadays, some people believe that the presence of media has become almost a permanent fixture in everybody’s lives. In a study conducted by several scientists, it has been found that exposure to media in all forms causes some setbacks to people. However, others think that this is not true, and that the media also brings about positive effects. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of living in a world filled with different forms of media.

There are many advantages in using media consistently. First of all, information is easy for everybody to access. This means that due to advanced technology, people can easily get their desired facts and figures in a short span of time. To illustrate, in the past, people had no ways of predicting weather outcomes such that several areas of their lives are affected. For instance, their livelihoods, wherein floods could sometimes cause delay in their occupations. In contrast, presently, there are new gadgets and technologies that allow people to anticipate weather changes. Thus, this makes it easier for individuals to plan their activities, therefore making them more productive.

In addition to this, communicating with loved ones is more convenient due to the presence of different media forms. This has resulted to better relationships because nowadays, people are able to reach out to their families and friends real-time. The advancements in technology have made this possible.For instance, in the early times,people used birds and handwritten letters to communicate but today, new softwares and applications make it possible to receive a message immediately. This leads to stronger ties between people.

On the other hand, the media also poses some negative effects. Initially, some information may be unreliable that can be misleading especially for those belonging to vulnerable populations like children. These unverified news can sometimes cause discord. For example, some people with malicious intent purposely spread false data, such as erroneous studies about health, which when believed may be fatal to a lot of individuals. Furthermore, it has been proven by experts that children, when exposed to technology at an early age, may develop mental delays. This is because some images found in these media outlets may contain gory and sensitive content that leaves an impression in their psyche. Hence, it can be deduced that too much exposure to media can be detrimental to young individuals’ learning abilities.

In conclusion, there are positive and negative points involved in living in a society with numerous sources of information and entertainment. The benefits include accessible information and communication, while the setbacks relate to some intellectual problems for children and the presence of misleading facts.

Word Count: 436 words

SCORE:  6.5 to 7

Note: This essay was written by my students in one of our live writing sessions, which means that the students brainstorm together and construct the essay together. I only facilitated and provided input when they are stuck in a rut. Here is the breakdown and reason for this score:

Task Response: The question asks for advantages and disadvantages. This means that the writer should be able to give 2 examples for both benefits and drawbacks, with elaboration of main ideas. In this essay, the students were able to discuss both sides equally.


Coherence and Cohesion: There are adequate and varied cohesive devices. The ideas also follow a clear and logical progression. Also, there is a clear central topic for every paragraph. However, they could’ve used more flexible transition devices.

Lexical Resource: Vocabulary are appropriate and there were some less common words. They could’ve used idiomatic expressions, though.

Grammar: There is a mix of simple and complex sentences and varied complex structures, but a passive tone could’ve been utilized in order to get a higher score.

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