Now Playing: The ‘Pakiki-apid Playlist’

So, rainy days are just around the corner for us Pacific Islanders (lol), and everybody knows the rainy season is the best time to curl up under the sheets and blast on a string of emotion-wrenching songs. In line with this, I compiled a list of songs that can be loosely called “pakiki-apid (adultery) songs” because they all tackle the subject of adulterous relationships, which, for some reason, makes for great material for stories and music.

Here goes:

  1. Hinder – If Only For Tonight – basically a guy and a girl who meets up in a bar, both of them experiencing heartbreak with their respective partners, and the guy proposes that they “forget about the past, make everything alright if only for tonight”.
  2. Uncle Kracker – Follow Me – well they say this isn’t really a song about cheating, but for me it has infidelity undertones, you know? I mean just listen to this:

    “I’m not worried ’bout the ring you wear
    Cuz as long as no one knows then nobody can care
    You’re feelin’ guilty and I’m well aware
    But you don’t look ashamed and baby I’m not scared”

  3. Rhianna- Unfaithful – honestly, I’m not into pop, rnb songs but this piece by Rhianna made my list because of the lyrics. Just that. But of course, Rhianna’s vocals are amazing, it’s just that the genre’s not my style. However, for a low-key, rainy day, I make exceptions lol.
  4. Alanis Morisette – You Oughta Know – a 90’s classic. Not really my vibe but the edgy vocals and rhythm gets me bobbing my head. Of course the brutish language: “do you think of me when you fck her”. Gold.
  5. Seether- Careless Whisper – the original artist is George Michaels, but this rock cover by Seether, in my opinion, gave the song more edge and that ‘painful, conflicting feeling of desire and guilt’. Okay, that sounded… emo… but that’s just how it comes across. Again, some say this isn’t about cheating but if you look at a different angle, it could be.
  6. Eminem and Rhianna – Love The Way You Lie – just for the record, hip-hop, rnb and pop are genres that I am not really fond of but I admit, some of these songs are catchy and lyrics-wise, amazing. Besides, it’s Eminem. Like, you’d be an idiot not to like Eminem’s musical genius. Anyway, yeah, not too much on the cheating side but still.
  7. Katy Perry- Thinking Of You – a romanticized take on infidelity, although, if you look at the context of the lyrics, it just seems like the singer still can’t move on from her previous lover. But then, it can be interpreted as her cheating on him. Regardless, it makes for a good soundtrack for a romance set in war, yeah? Hmm… that gives me an idea for a fanfic, actually.

    The last three spots are reserved for the two songs that inspired me to write fanfiction:

  8. Hinder- Lips Of An Angel – you’ve gotta be dense not to recognize this as a pakiki-apid song. Anyway, the narrative basically speaks of a man who’s in a relationship now but still loves his ex. Apparently, they both still love each other. I find the song to be beautiful in its own twisted way, and honestly, this is the type of genre that appeals to me. Also, the raspy vocals of the singer and the lyrics are perfect for a rainy day emote session.
  9. Hinder- Anyone But You – not really a pakiki-apid song, but still worthy of a spot for all those people like me who loves to torture themselves with ‘painfully romantic love songs’. The lyrics are just to die for, really.

    ‘I’ve tried all there is to try

    I’ve lied every single lie
    to make myself believe in something I know isn’t true
    I’ve drank all there is to drink
    and I’ve thought all there is to think
    I’d disappear forever if you want me to
    and I’ll have somebody new
    but I can’t love anyone but you

    And finally, the ultimate adultery song (at least, in my opinion)

  10. Hinder- Thing For You – I’ll let the lyrics speak for itself:
    Cause girl I got a thing for you.
    And I know it’s kinda crazy,
    Cause I know that you have someone else,
    Wondering where you were last night.
    But oh yeah now, don’t think we’re through,
    I got a thing for you

Well, there you go. That’s my “Pakikiapid” Playlist, and if you have other songs to suggest, feel free! What other sort of playlist would you like me to make?

PS: could you also send some love over to this fanfic? Thanks a bunch!

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